• Glitch is recommended always even if you aren’t working from home (WFH)!
  • Glitch’s guide: Glitch for remote work is also highly recommended
  • I’ve worked from home on and off over the last 15 years (usually only for 1 or 2 early or late meetings) but mostly at an office.
  • Zoom is fantastic and so is slack and matrix, much better than irc and skype
  • Whatever the toolset is, I can add the following (but others like Scott Hanselman, Andy Abramson and many others have far more comprehensive WFH advice):
    • Assume positive intent!!!!
    • Get a great microphone (USB wired headset from Plantronics or Logitech is my recommendation since they are rock solid or if you must wireless than fancy bluetooth like AirPods; I don’t use AirPods but many colleagues do and their audio quality is much better than the cheapie bluetooth headsets
    • Don’t use the wired headset that comes with your iPhone or Android phone (if you do test it weekly because they fail silently!)!!!!!!
    • Get into an “office” routine: e.g. shower, change, put on your office badge, and go into “office” mode.

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