• Read the whole thing:Margo Aaron: Coronavirus Is Serious, But Panic Is Optional but if don’t want to :-) here are some great quotes:

    • “Disconnect Yourself From Outrage Culture”

    • Put effort into your consumption of information.

      Don’t assume the numbers, quotes, or experts are correct. Make our Founding Fathers’ proud by doing what they meant when they said a republic needs a well-informed citizenry: question authority. Don’t take things at face value. Ask hard questions. Make your brain do work.

      I believe, sincerely, that many people behind the crappy headlines are also afraid. Afraid of losing their jobs or being unable to feed their kids. Afraid, at the moment, of maybe dying.

      Making money isn’t evil. What’s evil is emotionally exploiting people in order to do it. Which is precisely what these headlines are doing.

      You can fill your brain with information without feeling terror, panic, worry, or fear.

    • “The media has failed in its responsibilities to the public, but you don’t have to fail in your responsibilities as a citizen. Do not let fear hijack your brain.

      Coronavirus is serious, but panic, worry, and terror are optional.

      Choose a better option.”

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