• Vancouver has a whole set of traffic calmed streets which are not nearly as good as AAA, physically separated bicycle paths but far better than nothing especially for low intensity slower rides and safer now if you are as always paranoid and don’t try to race everywhere.
  • Beware of intersections with walking paths (e.g. 37th and Fraser) because pedestrians or folks with dogs don’t keep their distance! I am not sure why? is it because they have no concept of distance, are oblivious or just don’t care?
  • Avoid (except on rainy days or early in the morning i.e. before 8a.m.) and in no particular order
    • Woodland
    • 10th
    • Ontario
    • QE Park
    • Stanley Park (it’s closed to cars but now you have to contend with the swervers and the wobblers; people please just bicycle in a straight predictable line)
    • 37th near QE Park
    • Arbutus Greenway (way too crowded before and just kr*zy now)
  • Empty because people don’t know about them?!?
    • Lakewood (because it’s a hill?)
    • Slocan (Kaslo is great too but only on weekends since there’s no traffic lights at 1st and Broadway)
    • Masumi Mitsui Greenway (Upland Drive, 58th Avenue and 59th Avenue between Vivian Drive and Angus Drive. Previously called the North Arm Trail Greenway)
    • Angus
    • 37th except for the part near QE Park
    • 19th Avenue east of Main, 18th Avenue West of Main
    • Gladstone
    • Prince Edward
    • Dumfries
    • Inverness
    • Midtown
    • Ridgeway
    • 45th

Sample Bicycle rides

Woodland (watch out for people), Wall, Kaslo (only suitable on weekends, on weekdays take Slocan instead)

Gladstone Masumi Mitsui Ridgeway:

19th->18th->Heather->37th->Angus->Masumi Mitsui->Ridgeway->38th->Gladstone

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