• I was one of the 250 people laid off last week by Mozilla.
  • I leave with nothing but gratitude for the open web, Firefox, Thunderbird, the amazing Mozilla staff and most importantly the fab Mozilla volunteers.
  • Really enjoyed being the Thunderbird support lead, then the Firefox Android support coordinator and finally the Firefox Support Analyst and Support Release Manager.
    • I learned a lot about large and small open source software projects, the folks who use them and about releasing and reporting insights on multiple products in parallel and finally I learned a wee bit about community management from working with an amazing community of Mozilla volunteers on both Firefox products (Firefox Desktop, Firefox for iOS, Firefox for Android, Firefox Private Network, Firefox Lite, etc etc) and Thunderbird.
  • Onwards! #thanks #lucky
  • I’ll take a few days off and then start my next.gig.search
  • I can be reached on linkedIn: rtanglao, twitter:rtanglao, roland AT rolandtanglao.com

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