• Matt Webb: The hard work of imagining, ThingsCon 2020

    • “Even last year, making and fitting a new crown was a 2 week job requiring a specialist lab. Now my neighbourhood dentist can do it, and I was in and out in less than 90 minutes. So the way 3D printing has come into the world is what I would call: same but faster. Faster teeth. Faster prototyping. Faster tools for injection moulding in factories.

      But we haven’t seen the society-wide impact…So is the Internet of Things more like what we got with 3D printing, or more like what we imagined we’d get? Is it same-but-more-efficient, or is it transformative?…Because of the Internet of Things, this situation has inverted, it is inside out. There is now the computer, and one of the things that it contains is the world.-“.Answer: It’s transformative because the Internet now contains the world! Of course read the whole thing!

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