• Discovered: Sep 25, 2020. Overthinking CSV With Cesil: An Introduction - I don’t know C# but I love this “little” project and its series of explanatory blog posts. Love what he is “committed to” namely (especially love to learn about comprehensive test coverage for a useful but small project, see Anthony Shaw: Getting Started With Testing in Python <– I’d like to do TDD in python, ruby and R someday :-) ) :
    • Async as a first class citizen
    • Maximum consumer flexibility
    • Extensive documentation
    • Comprehensive test coverage
    • Adopting C# 8 features
    • Modern patterns and conventions
    • Efficiency, especially in terms of allocations
  • See also: Overthinking CSV With Cesil: Open Source Update <— “.First, the GitHub sponsors update – not a single one. I find this unsurprising, as I’m sure most readers do – honestly, it took some effort to not snark about the likely outcome in earlier posts … My big takeaway from this little sponsorship experiment is: things like GitHub Sponsors are tools you can use but creating a sustainable open source project is ultimately a job”

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