• Inspired by Anil Dash’s tweet: “Ahhhh omg it feels so validating to hear this has a name! I really struggle with talking over people (I understand many experience this very negatively) but it’s an incredibly difficult pattern to change because it’s literally how I grew up communicating enthusiasm & support. https://twitter.com/erinbiba/statu”
  • I like to think I am a positive cooperative overlapper :-) but sometimes I am not!
  • Can I handle it when others do it to me? Hmmm not as much as I think I would like to be able!
  • Need to reacquire: Deborah Tannen’s Conversational Style: Analyzing Talk Among Friends (first published 1984, revised 2005). I read at least one of Deborah Tannen’s books in the 90s not sure if it was this one, no pre-COVID and pre-parenthood memory or something :-) ! I recall her being an excellent writer and explainer of these topics!

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