• Juste pour le fun :-)
  • Always carry rain gear! We live in a temperate rainforest!!!!! It will rain! If you don’t like the rain and have the privilege to do so, you should seriously consider moving to a less rainy place!
    • “To be classified as a temperate rainforest, a forest must receive at least 140 cm of rain a year. The estimated annual rainfall of Vancouver is 146 cm. Closer to the mountains, North Vancouver gets an estimated average rainfall of 252 cm. Farther west, the estimated annual rainfall of Tofino, B.C. is 327 cm.” <— from Science World’s Coastal BC Rainfall whose website will probably break their links in a year or two. So Wikipedia might be better to link to. And its Vancouver page confirms our rainy-ness: “Vancouver is also one of the wettest Canadian cities. However, precipitation varies throughout the metropolitan area. Annual precipitation as measured at Vancouver International Airport in Richmond averages 1,189 mm (46.8 in), compared with 1,588 mm (62.5 in) in the downtown area and 2,044 mm (80.5 in) in North Vancouver.”
  • For the sake of your sanity, buy the rain gear, carry it and walk or bicycle or do something outside 5-7 days a week for 20 minutes or more. You don’t need gortex or insulation, just something that you can don over your normal clothes that will keep you dry for the duration of your outside forays in the rainy Vancouver area!
  • I gamble :-) If Environment Canada’s Vancouver Weather forecast or the Norwegian Vancouver weather forecast says low or zero chance of rain, then I don’t bring my rain gear. But even that it might rain in which case you should just laugh at the absurdity of weather forecasts :-)
  • Once you have learned to carry rain gear, then you can “level up” :-) to dining and coffee-ing in the rain :-)
  • Oh and all bets are off in the local mountains. Mountain weather is very unstable and can change from rain to sun to snow in an hour. Always be prepared for rain when going to Seymour, Grouse and Cypress and indeed for anything especially if you are not in-bounds skiing; I am talking about you flip-flop wearing hikers :-) !

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