• MirNs at the New Media Gallery in New Westminister! Highly recommended if you can get a 1 hour slot, extended until 01August20

  • Artistic Statement from the website (not sure it will be up past August 1st so I am copying it here)

    • All sorts of things in this world behave like mirrors (Lacan)

      This exhibition emerged from a rich period of enquiry around equity and diversity. The question was raised, how or can a diverse audience actually be reflected through technology-based works in the contested space of an art gallery? This interactive exhibition was put together as a way to explore how machines literally reflect, interpret and ‘see’ a diversity of visitors to the gallery. Human interaction with the works further reveals how we perceive and interpret the actions, behaviour and output of these mirroring machines. In this liminal space, a multiplicity of ephemeral portraits and self-portraits are generated and flow; saved to machinic and biologic memory. Through interactive robotics, neural networks, algorithms, coding, artificial intelligence, micro controllers, proximity & motion sensors and facial recognition these mirroring machines reflect and expose human diversity in a world of technology. MirNs refers to Mirror Neurons, of intense interest in biology, psychology and physiology as well as robotics, AI, and coding. Scientists theorize that the mirroring nature of MirNs generate imitative behaviours, resulting in empathy and the capability for aesthetic experience. It has been stated that Mirror Neurons are responsible for making us human.

      The question of what will continue to hold value in a world of technology is becoming increasingly important. The reflection of what is human remains an exemplar…but is that changing? As the boundaries between biology and technology become more and more blurred how will the reflection of what is human change the world we live in? How will humanity be reflected in the future? .

      Suitable for All Ages. “

  • My photos don’t do it justice but check them out: Flickr set: 04July2021 MirNs at the New Media Gallery in New Westminister

<a data-flickr-embed=”true” 04July2021 MirNs at the New Media Gallery in New Westminister

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