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  • Vancouver the Good Parts
    	VPL aka The Vancouver Public Library
    	False Creek Ferries and The Aquabus (best intro to the city is to get a day pass and stop at all the stops)
    	Polygon Gallery in North Van
    	Lucky's Doughnuts on Main
    	Hawker's Delight on Main
    	All the separated bicycle paths
    	Cross Country Skiing At Cypress
    	Revolver on Cambie
    	The Boss on Main
    	New Town Bakery on Pender
    	Stanley Park
    	Beaty Biodiversity Museum
    	Pad Thai Sen at Granville Island
    	Fat Mao (even they no longer serve their amazing Mapo Tofu they are still sooooooo great!)
    	Kulinarya on the Drive
    	Pampanga's Cuisine
    	Siegel's Bagels
    	Trafiq on Main
    	Cadeux Bakery
    	Haru Korean Kitchen (gone but not forgotten)
    	Surat Sweet (gone but not forgotten)
    	Shiok on Kingsway
    	Side Saddle Bicycle Shop
    	Commercial Street Cafe
    	Kissing Crows Bicycle Shop
    	Bomber Brewing
    	Strange Fellows brewery
    	Brewery Creek beer store on Main
    	Harvest Union (ramen!)
    	The Vancouver software tech community continues to be awesome! We are supportive of each other and it's soooooo big now it's impossible to know it all!
    	Mogu Fried Chicken on the Drive
    	The East Van Farmers Market
    	The Winter Farmers Market
    	The Museum of Vancouver
    	Although I would rather have rapid bus everywhere in Metro Vancouver, I do love "The Skyte" aka "The Skytrain" :-)
    	Yaas in North Vancouver
    	Khagan on Denman
    	Pallet on Semlin (Croissants! Coffee!)
    	Elephant Garden on Commercial
    	Down Low Chicken Shack on the Drive
    	Andina Brewery
    	Luppolo Brewery
    	Velostar Cafe
    	The Mighty Oak
    	Beaucoup on Fir (although it's easier to get there stuff at Revolver because they are sooo popular)
    	All the Port Moody Breweries
    	Bicycling to Iona
    	Bicycling to UBC by Spanish Banks and all the beaches
    	Potluck YVR
    	Anh and Chi
    	Mỹ Châu Restaurant - "#3 PHỞ GÀ DÒN - Deep Fried Chicken with Noodle in Soup" FOREVAH! 
    	Rhinofish Noodle Bar (gone but not forgotten)
    	Modus Coffee Roasters
    	Luna Coffee
    	Kozak Homemade Ukrainian Food
    	Meat and Bread
    	Chic Pea
    	Deluxe Moderne Burger
    	Smith's Bagelry aka Simit Bakery
    	Famous Foods
    	Burdock and Company
    	Ubuntu Canteen (amazing bread and food!)
    	Go Fish! at Granville Island
    	La Pache Pizza on Commercial
    	Rain and Shine Ice Cream
    	The New Media Gallery in New West

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