• Discovered Jul 26, 2022 18:32 Revisiting ‘The Power of Context’ | Synesthesia <— The power is that these tools for thought are more readily available, easier to share and easier to host. Wikis have historically been not so simple to host (compare how many blog alternatives there are and how few wiki alternatives there were) and share.

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These days it seems we hear of “nothing but” the power of associative thinking 
in the context of Zettelkasten or digital gardens, driven by the core principle 
of breaking ideas down into atomic concepts to support re-combination and 
serendipitous insight.

However what many who focus on those current trends ignore (or are perhaps
unaware of) is the very long history of tools that support this way of 
working (e.g. wiki, 1995, mind-mapping, 1970 ).

So what, exactly, is the new context added by digital gardens? I’m not sure I
know yet at a technical level. One clear benefit at an information level is 
that there is no shortage of discussion on how to use those tools to 
support thinking, but I would suggest much of that could be applied to any technology.

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