Sort of in order :-)

  1. Download my twitter archive - DONE!
  2. Post my archive as a webpage or webpages and/or SQLite using datasette - DONE although I might make it more user friendly i.e. less unfriendly to non geeks. CSV, datasette lite
  3. Delete my tweets - 4000 more to go :-) I used to delete over 100Kof them and to do 10000 or so and may have to write a script if i can’t get those pesky 4000 remaining to delete with
  4. Lock my account and or make it private - DONE, locked
  5. You can follow me at (RSS), checkvist for my draft blog posts and items of interest (no RSS but i might hook one up someday),, (RSS), The Old Reader aka google reader clone :-) (RSS), pinboard for 8 million bookmarks (RSS), instagram,, facebook, flickr, etc :-)

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