• For my 3 followers :-) who want to create images with emojis with ruby :-).
  • Sadly copying and pasting the emoji doesn’t work.
  • Neither does specifying the Noto Color Emoji font (imagemagick fails with “cannot read font”).
  • But oddly, copying and pasting an emoji into the command line e.g. magick or convert work with copy/pasted emojis.
  • Finally, I could not get the rmagick/imagemagick combo to work without using pango which uses XML escapes for unicode characters like emojis.


# convert pango:'a🤳Hello! 😀How are you?' example.png # Selfie emoji is 1F933
require 'rmagick'
image = Magick::Image.read('pango:&#x1F933;The <b>bold</b> and <i>beautiful</i>').first



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