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    Here is what I believe today: `

    1. Words are something you live by. They are defined by your actions, not by other words.
    2. We rely too much on numerical measures and reducing things to formulas—the most valuable things in human life resist quantification.
    3. I’m referring to core human values—such as love, compassion, forgiveness, trust, kindness, fidelity, decency, hope, etc. These are practices not arguments, and hence require no appeal to a larger context. Anyone who claims they require arguments (for falling in love or acting compassionately, for example) should be treated with extreme caution.
    4. Above all, beware of people who won’t do a good deed until they have calculated the long-term consequences and expect certain desired results in return. Maybe you can do a business deal with them (or maybe not), but never get into a close personal relationship with them.
    5. Gratuitous actions of generosity and kindness are best done without calculating rewards or consequences (which, by the way, is the reason I’ve celebrated gift giving and the bonds of trust and love it creates in my writings).
    6. Some choices are intrinsically evil. No larger context can cleanse them of this evil.
    7. Practicing good must begin in the immediate context of your life—in your actual actions today, not in some mythical past or dreamt-of future. And finally….
    8. Take care of Granny.


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