• Discovered Dec 9, 2023 00:37 A Camera, Not an Engine - by Venkatesh Rao <– “Modern AI” versus “Good old fashioned AI” and other discoveries! Whoah big data as in terabytes of data plus a super tiny bit of code is enough? Will we look back on this with bemusement/contempt/yet another folly like the Japanese 5th Generation AI project? My guess is YES but check back in 2033 to see how wrong I am :-) ?!? –> QUOTE: Once you see intelligence as something embodied by particular pile of data rather than a particular kind of processing, a very powerful sort of decentering of anthropocentric conceits happens; a Copernican consciousness shift gets triggered. You are no more than the sum of data you’ve experienced. A big memory with a small shell script aside. And once you get over the trauma of that realization, you realize something even bigger: any pile of data that has some coherence in its source can be turned into an intelligence that you can relate to, broadening the possibilities of your own existence.


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