• feh can’t handle large numbers of thumbnails (and for some reason I never understood it said there were 5x thumbnails than there actually was) but it’s great for small random collages.
  • e.g. here’s two
    • make a random collage with feh (imagemagick is probably faster!) feh --randomize -r . --montage --verbose -X -x -H 4000 -W 4000 -O 2024-05-08-random-montage.png -E 10 -y 10
    • 10200 pixel by 10200 pixel command line which took 6 hours feh -r . --montage --verbose -X -x -H 10200 -W 10200 -O reverse-filelist-borderless-10200x10200-2024-05-09-sort-mtime-montage.png -E 20 -y 20 -S mtime --conversion-timeout 1 --borderless --reverse -f hopefully-just-png-jpg-files.txt
  • Here’s my complete mastodonfeh thread: https://devdilettante.com/deck/@roland/112445889280926642


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