Pixelpipe has been very responsive for tech support via twitter and comments on this blog (thanks! i have done technical support in the past and appreciate the speedy service!) but unfortunately I am still having problems

I. Routing Tags not working

Summary: routing tags are not working, if i tag something "@f" without the quotes in the title or tags field or the body, it incorrectly gets posted to flickr.com/photos/roland instead of flickr.com/photos/wongtanglao

Here are the answers to the questions asked by Pixelpipe support:

  1. pixelpipe support: "Try uploading to the 2nd account directly from Quick Post to verify it's been configured, if the upload goes to the 1st account log out of Flickr and add the 2nd account again."
    • Roland's response: I deleted "wongtanglao" which is the second account in pixelpipe and re-added it and then did a quick post from the web app i.e. firefox on my mac  to "wongtanglao" and it worked fine i.e. it went to the 2nd account which is wongtanglao!
  2. pixelpipe support: "Are you using Share Online 4.30 (beta)? The latest version supports resume, background uploads and even has an Outbox which includes a status of your uploads."
    • Roland's response: I am using Share Online ver S60 Version 5.0 (which I believe was installed when I updated my N97 to the V11 firmware which came out on July 1, 2009)

Herewith screenshots of my pixelpipe config:

My pipes

Pixelpipe - Destinations (for tech support)

roland account

Pixelpipe - settings for flickr account roland (for tech support)

wongtanglao account

Pixelpipe - settings for flickr account Wongtanglao (for tech support)

II. Photos not uploaded to flickr from Share online and pixelpipe

I seem to have found a bug in the share online/pixelpipe combo

Thee following two photos were uploaded to pixelpipe but never made it to flickr, could pixelpipe support please look into this?

  1. http://pixelpipe.com/item/577a5744-56f4-4a62-bd94-9d639c9571e9
  2. http://pixelpipe.com/item/f46e524c-9e0f-43d1-9c7f-c4b0449ba240

III. Suggestions for Share Online and Pixelpipe for improvement

  1. implement a global upload status indicator (i.e. an icon that shows up and has two states: upload pending, and upload complete) for photos in the gallery app (which seems to be called "Photos" on the N97) like Shozu, otherwise if you take more than 30 photos in a day (which I do daily) it becomes impossible to track which photos you have uploaded and which you have not. The outbox doesn't work well.

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