• Jens tweeted: First look at new assessment data: http://doodles.mountainmath.ca/blog/2017/01/16/2017-assessment-data/ … cc @VanOpenData

  • which was basically a map of the property values (done by BC Assessment) with dark red being $5 million or more (lighter reds are less money) and blue $500,000
  • so naturally I thought of a T-shirt :-) !!!!!!!! of course!!!!

T-shirt graphic

Making of the T-shirt graphic

The above was made by surfing to:

  • https://mountainmath.ca/map/values
  • zooming to the area of Vancouver you wanted
  • going to full screen
  • and then in Firefox (I guess this is similar in Chrome?!? I don’t use Chrome except for bug reporting and testing!):
    • 1. Tools->Web Developer->Web Console
    • 2. next to the >> type: $('.info').remove() and then clicking on the ‘x’ to make the developer tools invisible
    • 3. and then on the mac, screenshot entire browser window with the map as follows: command shift 4, spacebar, click on the browser window with the map

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