• From the department of famous last words :-): I’ll take a few days off and then start my next.gig.search
  • I needed more time off than the week that I tweeted about :-)
    • Proven ability to improve software products by analyzing user feedback and reporting insights as well as improving support documentation and processes. Please email me at rolandt@gmail.com if you have a software support role that combines working with folks who use the software, gathering insights and working with engineering and product to improve the software based on those insights. It would also be great if I could help update the documentation so users benefit from every support ticket and insight!
    • I love software and people and have many years of experience working at the intersection of software developers and those who use the software. I am an avid life long learner who enjoys becoming an expert in a software product from the API level up, supporting software products and developing them.
    • Some examples of products that I would love to work with include (not in order): slack, Tableau, WordPress, github, gitlab, Thunderbird, Squarespace, Lightroom, R Studio and many more!
  • If you’re an employer or recruiter and interested in me, please reach out on linkedIn: rtanglao, twitter:rtanglao, roland AT rolandtanglao.com (goes to the same place as rolandt@gmail.com)

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