• Discovered: Dec 25, 2022 19:29 Journalism is a public good. Let the public make it. - Columbia Journalism Review <— everybody can and should be a journalist like everybody can should be a software developer using things like spreadsheets! –> QUOTE: The people of Rio de Janeiro have developed one of my favorite things: a simple solution to a complex problem. Here, we had a problem of monumental importance, that everyone enjoying the beach that day could understand but no one could have solved on their own. It wasn’t about the tall man playing the lead role, or the first person to start clapping, or the frantic parent. The best response to the crisis of a child lost on a beach is not to ask a few people to mount a search for a parent. It is simply to get more people involved, at a level at which everyone is willing and able to participate; it is to draw power from the crowd, rather than rely on a small group.


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