• Anybody know how to render these non standard custom glyph’s like Grafista’s B0001 in a web app or in Python, Rust, Ruby etc. Ideally I’d render the custom glyphs to a PNG so I can make tshirts :-) !
  • Source for hex B0001 being an invalid Unicode codepoint (I thought it was invalid initially!) is Tim Bray’s blog post from August 14, 2023 (see also https://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/b0001/index.htm which states: U+B0001 is not a valid unicode character.) :
    The text must consist of a sequence of [Unicode scalar values]
    i.e integers in the inclusive ranges 0-0xD7FF and 0xE000-0x10FFFF.
  • My toot about this:
    • anybody know anything about custom fonts on Linux (ubuntu 22.04, on dell xps13) or macOS.? My plan was to use the cool graphic glyphs from the Grafista font and make a thunderbird infographic png out of text in Grafista. unfortunately although the font shows 1600 glyphs i only have access to 360 glyphs and xfd on linux shows the wrong glyphs, i.e. not the cool graphic glyphs


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