Thanks to the excellent organizers of Interesting Vancouver 2010 for giving me a chance to present on Lessons from 50,000 Cameraphone photos:Create Coolness Constantly and for the great event. The right (almost impossible to do but I think the organizers accomplished this!) mix of people and thought provoking topics and fun food in an intimate setting.

The usual random stream of consciousness post-event thoughts:

  • Can't disagree with JJ Lee about suits. In particular, I think that 99% of Canadian men look better in sports jackets and suits than their normal garb but that's just me :-)
  • Leanne Prain and yarn bombing are awesome as always!!!!!
  • Cory Weeds - His passion for jazz and music is infectious and made me dream of a world where everybody could lindy hop to 21st century live jazz instead of awesome recordings from the the 1920s-50s
  • Lisa Salazar's invocation of the Bible is inspirational even if you (like myself) are no longer a believer.
  • Kuba Om's passion is making the world a better place; one juicy groove at a time.
  • Dustin Rivers - As an armchair linguist :-), I was really looking forward to hearing you! Next time?
  • Anthony Nicalo had me dreaming (again!) of a world powered by food that comes from the heart rather than big food.
  • Amanda Gibbs - The Museum of Vancouver is rocking! Loved the Fluevog and the local food and the bicycling shows. Can't wait to see :-)

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